Varanus reisingeri -Yellow tree monitor

Varanus reisingeri -Yellow tree monitor

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Up for grabs this weekend is a truly captive born and bred Varanus reisingeri. Over the past year we worked very hard at putting together a breeding program with tree monitors. Our goal was to have a captive born pair of each species. During this process we ended up with a few extra males that we are hoping can help another dedicated keeper do the same thing. We purchased two animals from Brandon at Canadian cold blood that he hatched out on 3-16-2016 of last year. We ended up with two males so we are reluctantly letting this little guy go. 


He is a perfect specimen that feeds readily off tongs and enjoys a varied diet of crickets, roaches, hopper mice and tilapia filets. 


First and second photo were taken 11/23/2018. These animals go through a color transormation and will turn more yellow as it matures. 


Third photo was taken by our good friend Zac Herr at  ZTH photography that we had taken earlier this year.


Fourth photo is from Brandons facebook page taken on the day they hatched out.



For more information on this rare and recently described species check out the article

"A Further New Monitor Species of the Varanus prasinus Complex from Misol Island, Indonesia" In Biawak Volume 4 No 2


To learn how to care for these animals make sure to get this great book